Vernon Couch to 5K

Brought to you by Melissa Wiedbrauk

Director of Recreation & Community Affairs

Get ready for the annual Vernon Day 5k by joining our annual



Join your friends and neighbors and get off the couch and onto the pavement!  Our walk/run method will teach new and beginner runners how to build up to completing their first 5k at the annual Vernon Day 5k in June 2016 (Date TBD). Get fit, get healthy - get going!  2016 will be our 5th season and we've had great results working together for success.  Change your life and crush your goals!  A written program is distributed for easy following if you miss a session.  We also run at various places throughout the township and maintain a private facebook group for interaction and motivation.  We also have day and evening programs to accomodate your schedule.


This program has become increasingly popular over the years and we look forward to new faces for 2016.  When you join us you will have fun, work hard, and feel the amazing accomplishment of completing a 5k race right here in Vernon Township.


The program begins on in April 2016 and culminates with the 6th annual Vernon Day 5K on June (Date TBD), 2016.


The fee for this program is $45 and includes race entry and a t-shirt.  Click here to register.


Daytime sessions

Tuesday & Thursday at 10:00 a.m.

Sunday at 9:00 a.m.

Evening sessions

Tuesday & Thursday 6:30 p.m.

Sunday  9:00 a.m.